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 Thermography is a non invasive test of the body's physiology and has been recognised as a useful tool in the early identification of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries. Our screening service is 100% safe and completely non invasive and most dogs find the process stress free. Our pets can face a number of difficult to diagnose lamenesses along with a range of conditions that may benefit from preventative detection. We can help to assess degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia, tendon and ligament damage and your dog's subjective feeling of pain or discomfort. 

We can help to not only detect dysfunction but also monitor your dog's response to rehabilitation and treatment. Our technology is medical grade and has been used in human medicine for the past 30 years.  You can rest assured that your dog is in the best possible hands when using this type of technology. We have an experienced team of technicians that will collect your dog's scans and they will then send the results to our team of specialist veterinary surgeons for interpretation. Our vets will provide objective results and recommendations that will assist diagnosis.

Our screening service is carried out at our clinics across the UK and Ireland. Bringing your dog to one of our clinic locations is often preferable as we can ensure that screening is clinical and accurate. If you have your own premises that is suitable for screening we can arrange to hold the clinic at your location.


Screening appointments normally take 30 minutes. We will provide a full consultation and ensure your dog is at ease with the screening procedure. Owners normally help us move the dog into position and then on average screening takes no longer than 10 minutes for a full body collection. There will be no contact between the scanning device and your dog. It will be like having their picture taken.

Go to 'book an appointment' to request a free consultation. If you work in the canine industry and are interested in hosting SyncThermology clinics at your premises please contact us to find out how you can add this service onto your business.