Head Office: 0845 519 5971

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Region : North West

Telephone : 07889410100

Email : info@syncthermology.com

Sophie Gent is the owner of SyncThermology and has been developing the application and business since 2008.  Sophie initially started working with thermography in human medicine and set up the first SyncMedical practice in 2009. It has been her aim to ensure this technology is used correctly as an integrated part of practice. Sophie delivers training programs, provides team support and conducts research with our vets and equine hospitals. Along with providing veterinary systems to Europe she also continues to develop SyncThermology alongside her business associates.

Sophie lives in Leicestershire with her partner, two dogs (Jake and Ruby) and her horse Crozan. All animals pitch in and are normally seen modelling at training programs. Think about contacting Sophie if you want more information on equipment or business opportunities.