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A horse with this condition feels consistent low-grade pain because the spinous processes or sections of bone attached to the vertebrae are too close together and impinge upon each other. Kissing spines often has very subtle symptoms. The trot is often adequate but the horse invariably struggles to maintain a three-beat canter and frequently becomes disunited. He may also become irritable when the girth is done up or when you groom his back. It is predominantly dressage horses, eventers and other competition horses that are referred for treatment. This could be because it is more noticeable in performance horses due to the physical demands on them. The problem may go unnoticed in horses that are used for hacking and low-level work. Alternatively it may be that performance horses are more prone to the condition due to the physical demands placed upon them.

Below are two cases of kissing spines that we helped to identify. The first case was confirmed with a bone scan and the second case was confirmed using x-ray.

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