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Therapeutic Canine Massage

unique remedial massage treatment for dogs works on the same principle as human massage therapy. By releasing tight sore muscles and trigger points through gentle manipulation. It can assist your dog by removing any discomfort caused as a result of an old injury, scar tissue or even old age. Canine massage is also a natural form of pain relief that can help resolve day to day issues that prevent your dog from enjoying the fullness of life.  Whilst the focus is to work with veterinary diagnosed conditions, we can also offer an 'MOT' for your dog to help identify any potential underlying problems. This is ideal if your dog participates in regular activities such as agility, scent and retrieval work and dry land (sled dog) racing.

The treatment is suitable to address and support other conditions including:


  • Hip or Elbow Dysplasia
  • Sciatica or other back and neck pain
  • Soft Tissue Injury (Strain and Sprain)
  • Tendonitis
  • Stress and Anxiety
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