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Region Covered : West Yorkshire

Telephone : 07590 750 312

Email : www.shvphysio.co.uk

Sarah qualified as a Registered Equine Veterinary Nurse in 2009 following several years working in a mixed veterinary practice in Yorkshire. Following this Sarah moved in to a teaching role when she became a college lecturer specialising in the equine components of the veterinary nursing syllabus. This is where Sarah developed a keen interest in internal medicine, anaesthesia and rehabilitation.

In 2014 Sarah began working as head (REVN) nurse in an orthopaedic hospital in Cheshire. The hospital primarily treated lameness issues, Sacroiliac pain and kissing spines in both competition and general riding horses. It was during this time she graduated with a Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy and began working towards a career in veterinary physiotherapy.  

Overall Sarah has more than 20 years experience of working in equine industry and training. This allows an honest and realistic perspective of an animals recovery and prognosis but also the need to work alongside veterinary practicioners when treating injuries, post surgical and medical conditions. Sarah is a Registered and fully insured member of the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT) aswell  as a commitee member of the Association for the Scientific Study of Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapy (ASSVAP).