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Diary of an Ex Race Horse - Part 1 by Lou Crow Sync Technician

Since losing Rou, my horse of a lifetime, in 2016, I haven’t had the smoothest of rides with horses - I mean this quite literally. I bought a mare in 2017 who turned out to have huge behavioural issues and became too dangerous for anyone to ride. So, due mainly to my lack of  ... more ›

My Personal Experience of Thermography - by Equine Vet Lucinda Ticehurst BSc BVMed Sci Hons BVM BVS MRCVS

As a vet, I have worked with SyncEquine (http://www.syncequine.com/) – specialists in quality controlled veterinary physiological imaging, for a few years now and routinely get my point to point horses scanned pre and post season. A Surprise Find During Routine Monitoring A ... more ›