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Region : Brighton

Telephone : 07772 856 561

Email : yogi@syncthermology.com

Yogi has been a farrier for the last 10 years.  He qualified at the top of his class and joint top in the country and has since taken a scientific view to his work with biomechanics and physiology being the foundation of every job, this has resulted in working closely with local veterinary practices gaining experience in remedial and rehabilitation farriery. Working with vets, trainers physios and all the other practitioners involved in the welfare of the horse has taught him a valuable lesson in the importance of team work especially in the equestrian performance world, he says "SyncThermology fits into this dynamic perfectly, syncing each profession with valuable information".  

Yogi is also the remedial farrier for Baldwins Equestrian in East Sussex.  For more information on the rehabilitation services available at Baldwins Equestrian visit www.baldwinsequestrian.com